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Are pets allowed?  Good question.  All I can say is that we have dogs, roaming the store, and they are huge.  They go by Zeus and Raleigh.

Is your staff high pressure?  Hardly.  We are a bike shop to the core.  Just guys that love bikes that might be able to help you find one that you love just as much.

Is your shop brand new and all fancy like the other ones in town?  Ummm.....  no.  Can you say low overhead so better prices for you?  Wine, cheese and crumpets aren’t an option here.  Our shop is comprised of a hodge podge of 4-5 (still not even sure) different buildings we’ve expanded into through the years.  Nothing uniform or fancy about it, but it is FULL of bikes!

What’s the atmosphere like?  It is old school meets new school.  Wood floors, bikes hanging EVERYWHERE and more accessories than we know what to do with.  On any given day there are locals and race team members hanging out and sharing stories (all of which are probably made up.) Call it a home away from home.

Do the mechanics know what they are doing?  You better believe it!  We normally have 3-6 mechanics working full time just to keep up with demand.