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Freewheeler Staff

Gordy - Freewheeler Bike Shop Founder

Gordy - "Boss Man"

Gordy - The man, the myth, the legend..."Flash Gordon". Rumor has it that no one  has worked on more bikes than Gordy, ever. If it needs repair.... he'll  take it on.

Curt - Sales

Curt - Sales

It's only fitting that Gordy's only son would follow in his footsteps... sort of. He prefers not to get his hands dirty like his old man does, but the guy has some serious knowledge. BMX, downhill, mountain and road.... there really isn't much he can't give insight on. If you need a custom build, he is your guy.

Pat - Sales

Pat has been running around Freewheeler since he was a youngster. Started out with BMX and now is big into adventure and gravel riding. He's the guy that can do it all around here.

Sam - Service

Sam heads up the service department. Anything from rebuilding suspension forks to setting up electric drivetrains to installing 3spd kits. Sam can pretty much work on anything out there.

Baker - Sales

Baker is the old guy around here! Looking for a nice pair of comfort bikes with a car rack to load them up? He's your guy! Always looking out for his customers and setting them up with everything to get them outside and on a bike.

Jason - Service/Sales

Just back this year! Jason has worked at several shops around the Midwest and just recently moved back to Grand Rapids. Super nice guy always willing to help you out. He's a great addition to the shop and he's really looking forward to racing this year!

Zeus - Shop Dog

Not around as much as he once was. If he's here Zeus can normally be found in the service department...... sleeping.

Raleigh - Shop Dog

Meet the newest addition to the Freewheeler crew! Raleigh! He'll be making appearances at the shop more often as he gets a little older.